Day 2: Small surf and Clouds make for a semi lay day (Except one heat)

Day 2:  Small surf and Clouds make for a semi lay day (Except one heat)

Day 2 began with the end of our long journey south all night while we slept to the southern end of the Ments.  The swell was dropping and this is the best chance to get what is left of it!  I had gotten a great sleep.  With less than ideal conditions it was a great little lay day to rest.  The crew did head out for a session at Meat Locker while I shot from the tin boat for an hour or two.  Little did I know there was a heat in the water for the winning spot on the Indies Trader Pro that would be held later this week when conditions improve for the waiting period! lol.  This I would find out after dinner while showing the boys (and a couple men) the days images.  Noel and Andy are good friends back home, but today they are warriors battling for the barrel.  In particular was one wave where Noel drops in while down the line Andy arrives at his feet.  Its Noel’s wave and Andy pulls out.  The argument is whether or not Andy caused the wall to chandelier damaging the perfection of the wave and its  potential barrel. The question was…. was there even a barrel about to form or not?  You make the call in the images.  Its the little things that entertain our days out at sea on the small days!  The heat continues tomorrow!

I caught up on editing and posting the first blog and played hooky trying to upload on the worlds slowest internet.  We anchored all day at Meat Lockers switching off sessions with another boat for the evening surf before dark and dinner.  It rained on and off most of the day providing a not so ideal canvas for me to paint with my cameras.  A small day in the Ments is an epic day in Florida!

*Health update:  Mccranels sits out to rest his eye which now looks like he was in a bar fight!  The reef cuts continue but nothing major.  I myself am still dealing with a stomach issue.

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