Day 2: Swimming with the stars


Tie Dye Star.  Shot F18 1/5s ISO 50

Tie Dye Star. Shot F18 1/5s ISO 50

Day 2:  Swimming with the stars

After nearly getting cabin fever for over 24 hrs I ventured out in the cloudy / partial rainy conditions on the bike.  Exploring the island from end and settling back to one of my favorite spots to shoot in the water.  Heavy clouds was not what I expected but that is also what is so great about mother nature.  Sometimes the unexpected adventures in life can bring upon new ideas and experiences.

After a quick run to the the grocery store with Amelia, I ventured out onto the flats exploring with my Camera.  This time it is a Canon 1dx with a Canon 8-15mm Fisheye lens inside an Aquatech Delphin housing with an 8 inch dome.  The light was flat but that also meant I could use a slow shutter speed.  Finally came across my favorite marine invertebrates!  Cushion stars.

Because the lighting was so bad I had to get creative.  As I lay my entire body on the bottom (with no rash guard on) to shoot a starfish’s perspective.  Little did I know the sea grass was covered in sea lice or some sort of jellyfish.  My chest and neck was on fire!  I had emerged myself in them.  That was my exit point out of the water.  Usually I always wear rash guards for sun protection, but since it was so cloudy I had just put sunblock on and swam out.  I rode back to my home base after a few stops for landscape shots, that were’t successful.  As the evening started the sun just barely starting peaking out from behind the clouds like the night before and I rushed off to try and capture the opportunity somewhere.

Headed back in the dark this time on the golf cart.  Cruising along the sandy cart path the salt breeze was a nice end to the day of mostly sitting inside and catching up on commercial projects.  Tomorrow I hope for some sunny skies to light up the underwater world!

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