Day 2: Uneventful day in Nicaragua (relatively)

Noah about ready to land.

Day 2 started off with the chase starting at 4:30 a.m.  We all arise itching from getting stung by jellyfish the day before.  Somewhat of a compromise since everyone was unscathed from the reef or lightning for that matter.  Matt went to grab the boards to load them into the truck that morning and a scorpion tagged him on the finger and he acted like it bit his finger off. Good start!

Upon first check it was much smaller but still fun and rippable.  I swam out for the first session with my usual setup.  Canon 1d Mark 3, Canon 8-15 lens and aquatech DV4 housing.  There were about 11 guys out, which was a pretty busy morning for the spot.  We ran into and surfed with JJ, a florida transplant who owns a bunch of property down south.  After a solid 2.5 hours out we headed in to eat breakfast, which we skipped the first day since the waves were so good.  While waiting for breakfast I had to school the boys in ping pong and then we headed back out to surf the beach break, where we were the day before.

Sunset capping off a long day from dawn till dusk of surfing.

Wave size was smaller again so I ended up shooting for a while in the water and then went for a surf myself before we left to go search for more waves.  About this time we got the news that the two guys struck by lighting the day before were ok, with one of them going home from the hospital today.  Throughout the day we were thanked by many who found out we took the guys to the hospital.

Noah in the shade at the beach break.

Each session we go out we get more and more jellyfish stings.  Noah and I are now covered in what looks to be some disease that we have.  We finish the night eating some food out at the restaurant and going to bed pretty early.

All photos copyright © 2012 Ben Hicks