Day 3 in Nicaragua…. Mother nature still on top

Matt Oberman getting slotted into the inside section.


Day 3 was the start of our last day on this quick trip to Nicaragua.  As usual I was up at 4:30 a.m. to wake everyone up to head out for dawn patrol.  Matt wanted nothing to do with it and said we all needed to sleep till 5:30 a.m.  I warned him of missing the magic hour in the morning but he was back to bed.  I wasn’t complaining though, as I quickly fell back asleep.  Round 2 came and it took 3 tries to wake Noah up.  The third time I came with a little bit a water to cool him off.

JJ weaving.
We headed out and there was only one other guy at our spot.  I swam out with my housing since tot take advantage of morning front lit light with my blisters on my feet a reminder of all the shooting I have been doing in the water on this trip.  It was a bit better than the day before but within 5 mins I got tagged on my neck by a jellyfish.  Painful especially when you never see them coming.  I had to rip the tentacles off my neck while it also got me in the leg and wrapped around my chest.  By this time the boys were getting some good waves  and I was not in position for one of them.  Just as the piercing pain started to fade I was hit again as it had floated onto my back.  It felt as though I was being electrocuted.  Beyond frustrated by all the pain I said, I was going in.  The pain kept escalating as I swam in and even got a little shortness of breath.  Just as I hit the beach after a long swim in just 1 hour after I swam out, I noticed Noah coming in as well.  As he came out of the water you could tell he too was hit pretty hard, on the inside of his leg.  He and I were covered in stings from the three days and looked to be infected by some gnarly disease.   But…. the waves were good.


Noah getting his latest jellyfish sting looked at by JJ.
After a bit rest from the frustration of being kicked out of the water by jellyfish and the still constant stinging feeling.  I went back to the truck, got my long lens and scoped out some spots to shoot Matt from the shore.  Of course once I went in Matt started to score some barrels.  I was not about to swim out again fearing another sting to one of the few spots left with one but was able to get a couple shots from land.  Somehow Matt didn’t get stung and eventually finished the session while we all went back to the house and then decided to go to a little market shack to get food to make breakfast.  After breakfast we went back out to the beach break and arrived just as the wind switched and went onshore.  Noah and I paddled out and surfed for about an hour.  The wind killed it the rest of the day.

Afternoon rest and chess match.

We made it over to the surf camp to hang out while I shot some promo images for Isaac’s Los Cardones Surf camp.  A toast to the trip and some good stories then it was time to head back to the house, pack up and start the drive back to civilization and the airport.  We only got lost for 10 mins which isn’t too bad for Managua.  Returning the car before 9 p.m. put us at the airport 4 hours before.  With 3 days under our belt of non-stop missions to surf the best waves we were all pretty worn out.  Back home I head before my next adventure next month to hike Half Dome in Yosemite and possibly a little hurricane action in the nearer future.

Noah mind surfing.


All photos copyright © 2012 Ben Hicks