Day 3 – Red Tide

Sunset on Venice, Beach

Rumor has it red tide has been lingering around the area I am in for the past 6 months.  It can be brutal on the lungs and eyes.  Killing a lot of fish along the way.  With the swell purging and the winds howling we ventured out at the best spot around for dredging pits to shoot.  It was victory at sea to say the least.  Within 10 mins your eyes were burning from the red tide infused salt spray hitting your face.  We drifted in the current for about 45 mins before Jake, myself, Tayler and Andy couldn’t open our eyes.  The winds were super strong and had most beaches unridable and along with many closed access.  South Jetty in Venice, Florida was completely closed with the water washing over the parking lot.  This is one of the biggest swells they have had in years here.  Unique was the fact that this front was very far south and didn’t bring much cold.  Whenever I have chased it over here we always run into super cold weather, not something I enjoy…  Tomorrow should be a completely different ocean as the wind turns and the swell cleans up.