Day 3: Tour De San Juan Del Sur (lay day)

Rising from bed because your sweating at 5:30 am is not my cup of tea!  We woke to the electricity never coming back on.  Everyone was up early and the first thing I did was jump in the pool.  Once cooled we hoped in the trucks and headed to Maderas to eat breakfast and hopefully surf.  The waves were not working but we ate and then went back to the house to relax for a bit.  This was something I personally needed as we had been on the move constantly for almost 4 days.  I had swam most of the sessions, which takes a lot out of me.  Around lunch we moved on to check Yankee, another break south of town.  It almost seemed like a race in the trucks as I grasped the “oh shit” handles most of the time.  Once there, it took was not working and we had to make the call and drive all the way back to Maderas.  I first came to Maderas 9 years ago on my voyage from Southern California to Panama.  Thats a whole story… (a book!)  Today the place has a few different buildings and a lot more people.  Its a backpacker stop along the Pan-American highway near the hub of San Juan Del Sur.  People tenting around the area with a lot of free spirits roaming around.  The problem is there are also a lot of locals roaming.  The vibe from them kills the lineup.  Its a sad mixture as the locals are supported by the surfers coming there but they treat them terribly.  We had guys saying locals only in Spanish before the guys even paddling out.  With a  session under there belt the guys got out quickly to escape the localism.  I shot from land and got a couple, with Pete ripping up the chest high sections.  A set moved into the small bay and nearly flooded the beach.  While escaping the surge I broke my flip flop.  First time I only brought one pair on a trip.  FML!  Driving back to the house to in the afternoon the rest up, recharge and listen to the stories of Vince.  Aka Wince, Uncle Mofo Wince, etc.  As he put it, buffoonery followed throughout the day.  I finally had a chance to start writing these blogs as well, since we hadn’t been in one spot for more than an hour or two for three days.  I also duck taped my flip flop up for a temp fix, so I had shoes again!  Just before dark we climbed up to the top of the cliffs behind us where a giant 100ft tall statue of Jesus over looks the entire bay of San Juan Del Sur.  The breeze swept through the air as the sun set into the waves below us.  After our hike back down we went to dinner at a pizza joint in town where it felt similar to an oven inside.  Great pizza but it was so hot inside.  We finally all got our pizzas and got out of the hot box, going across the street for a round of Patron shots as this was the last night for the other crew.  The bill was $137 for 10 shots. Pretty steep for a third world country.  This was followed by a  heated conversation with the manager.  Eventually the bill was lowered.  Sad that they were trying to take advantage of us.  We all headed home to sleep except Mike and Vince whom stayed out for a story of their own the next morning….

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