Day 4 – Electricity is a luxury

Flashed tube

Flashed tube

Waking up to sweat dripping down your face is never fun at 3:30 am.  The power has pretty much not worked most of the time we have been here, but we have a generator which is not always on.  This morning was the first time the air also did not work.  Well it was time to get up anyway and try to catch up on work and also images from the trip after being behind already.  Going non stop, either editing, prepping gear shooting or eating.  I try to maximize my time here and shooting as much as possible is key to getting what I am trying to achieve.  At the same time I am also covering a trip for the guys that brought me here.  Usually after day 3 it really starts to get physically demanding.  Today I swam about 6 hours with the rip currents really not working with me, lol.  As like most mornings I was out there by myself.  This morning everyone slept in.  Samer and Jerry eventually paddled out.  I was just about done, putting in almost 4 hours but decided to stay out to get them a few more shots.  The tide was getting too high.

I went in and had to get some food in me!  After loading up with eggs rice and a lot of water, I downloaded all the images.  The laptop was getting low on battery with no power so I held off on editing.  The internet and power went back on as I was able to upload the blog from the day before.  Did a little surgery on my heal that had a stone lodged in and then worked on cleaning some of my gear.  We then went back and hung out at the beach club to check the waves again.  Back at it, I swam out with a 50mm lens, the third setup of the day.  I started out the a 8-15 fisheye and Flash, then 70-200.  As soon as we got out there the wind came on shore.  Frustrated we all went back in.
The evening session has a little bit of wind some no one really went out except me.  It was the first evening with clear skies, so I had to take advantage of the light.  Swam until dark and couldn’t see.  Went in and the power was off again, lol.

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