Day 4: I.E….Day 1 of the calm before the storm

Day 4: I.E….Day 1 of the calm before the storm

We arose to traveling south in hopes of escaping other boats around the area of Thunders.  Ending back up at Sharkey’s like the year before when it goes small.  It picks up a bit more swell.  One other boat joined us with a mellow aussie crew.   Everyone enjoyed a few sessions in the mellow long lefts.  A mellow day usually only means one thing in the Mentawais….. the swell is coming.  With word out on the horizon that in a handful of days there is a solid 8ft swell coming it was nice to get a lay day.  I got a surf in as well for a few hours before scoping out the entire reef and inside section with my cam and mask.  The water was clear and the light was high so I decided to shoot mainly below the surface as a change of pace.   Shooting below kills my eyes after a while, since wearing a mask out in big surf is not easy.   You cant see the waves coming to time them to go under thus can be very dangerous.  Today I brought out my super low volume Cressi mask so I could see a bit better.  Conditions were mellower which made it much safer.  I could sit out there all day and watch waves break below the surface.  Just like many of us like watching perfect waves break above the surface, you should one day swim out with a mask and watch it!  Mother nature never disappoints!   The downside with two days of swimming in a row are the blisters forming on my feet.  The sun was dipping and it was time to find an anchorage with a little less swell.  We continued south to find a nice little nook.  The sun disappeared and we closed another beautiful day in the Indian Ocean.

Ben Hicks

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