Day 4: Mother Nature comes through, with a little patience



Cappy still punitng.

Willie checking his turn.

Day 4:  Feeling all out of shape and beat up from the past three days of constant chasing, this morning came way too soon to get up.  After a couple phone calls, rehydration rounds and an intake of carbs we were off to see the rising reports throughout the island.  First check revealed the swell had hit, finally.  Just a day late.  After making our way back to the southern end of the island, about a 35 minute drive, we launched the ski and headed out on the incoming low tide.  I started taking everyone out into the lineup two at a time.  The past two days Nader and I kept looking at a spot about 500 yards to our south.  The locals were certain it wasn working.  Finally, after shooting for a whopping 5 mins, I took the ski and explored.  What I found was an empty slab, churning out perfect spitters.


Raced back on the oil glass conditions and picked up Nader and Willie to throw some guinea pigs out there to shoot from the ski.  Upon the first couple of sets it was hard to find the lineup, but they eventually got it.  It was a firing right hander with an unforgiving reef to remind you, hesitation is not aloud here.  They got a couple and were all smiles.  I then decided to go get the others and in 10 mins everyone was now at the new spot, which I will keep unamed.  Jet skis are pretty obnoxious, annoying and horrible polluters but for discovering wave conditions and using them to shoot for they can be priceless.  After I settled in looking directly into the barrel since I couldn’t get anymore inside the channel, as risking getting caught inside on a set was too dangerous, I was inspected by the local “men in grey suits.”  The water was so clear, they would dart up to the surface and then fade back away, wondering what the heck was floating on the surface.  They were only about 4-5 ft and were just curious.  The guys started to get the hang of it and were getting pitted more than ever before on the trip.  Problem was they were inside of my channel, so it was super hard to get the shot on the ski.  But we still got some gems.  After about 3 hours out there, everyone was exhausted and the tide was starting to make it fat.  We hauled everyone in on the ski and headed in to get a late lunch at about 2:30.  After filling up we needed a little rest so Skip invited us over to eat some more and get a quick snooze.  We all woke about 5 and headed back over the break.  It seemed the tide was still not low enough yet and we were still all shot, so we headed home to save our energy for the morning.  We also had to stock up on some more supplies.  After returning home, I was still determined to shoot some more with the beautiful conditions in paradise and also was taking up the opportunity to check out Willies awesome little shack.  Cappy and I hopped on the quad and checked a couple spots.  I was still glassy and good but we were to tired to make the trip down to the lineup without eating dinner.

Went over for the grand tour of Willies “mansion” and then headed home to eat.  He was totally self sufficient and was off the grip.  Rain barrels for water and plumbing.  Screens all around with an awesome view and no electricity.  Truly a Bahamas surf shack.  Stocked with over 15 boards and everything you really only need to survive.  After downloading all the days images and getting caught up on some work it was time to hit the sack!  What a great day, we scored.  Tomorrow should be even better!

Willies Bahama crib.