Day 4: Return to the Green Rooms

Day 4:  Return to the Green Rooms

Rise to the best sleep yet and grind on a huge breakfast as the crew we were staying with were leaving and had to get rid of all the food.  We parted ways with a few of them while Mike and Brian followed us up to Colorados to score one of the best sessions of the trip on the low tide.  There were barrels all over the place.  The only downside was Matt breaking his third board of the trip and only had one left for another week.  Brian and Mike even traded off a few and I was able to get them some water shots.  It was a very successful session shooting wise with a bunch on nuggets!

From there we all chilled out at the pool after a late lunch.  Of course I was catching up on editing the hundreds of photos.  All my gear was working great except one of the flash cables cracked since I hadn’t gotten the newest housing yet and had the old cables.  This was a problem I had before the trip, but fixed the issue to shoot again for a morning sunrise or sunset to come.  We parted ways with Brian and Mike as they flew home to Cali and we ventured north to Santanas for dinner with Mateo(a So Cal transplant).  There was a rodeo in the nearby town of Salinas but by the time we were done with dinner the long day had taken its toll.  We headed back to Nica Surf house for the night with no AC again.  I was not stoked about this!  Took a cold shower before hand to hopefully fall asleep.  We woke at 3:30 am to the another part of the crew arriving from home, Jasmin, Doug and Woody.  They had taken the red eye.  I was awake by then and went down stairs to the patio to edit while everyone caught another hour of z’s before the sun rose at 5am.  Earlier in the day Matt had pushed me into the pool nearly into a girl so it was time to get him back.  A toad place on his chest while sleeping in the hammock was my shenanigan of choice.  Good times!  Sun was up and the 5 of us were off….

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