Day 4: The food chain

Just got the bat.  Heavy!

Just got the bat. Heavy!

Another early morning swimming out to sunrise about 5 am.  Didn’t get much as the sunrise didn’t really exist.  Waves were fun but lining up to shoot fisheye has not been very successful while we have been here.  Along with gear hickups its always keeping me on my toes.  Ended up putting wax into my main housing seal to help seal it while I am here.  Pretty sketchy with all the gear inside and possibly getting a leak.

After the morning session, I headed to breakfast as the boys had come out later and stayed out later.  I was on my laptop emailing about to eat my pancakes and fruit.  A bunch of comotion up in the corner of the giant palapa I was having breakfast under started.  I thought it was a bird nesting or something.  Then all the sudden whatever it was fell to the ground 5 feet from where I was sitting on the ground.  Ran over to expect a bird or something.  To my surprise it was a Boa constrictor strangling a bat!  Couldn’t believe was I was watching.  It is sad to see but that is how mother nature works.  The food chain is a part of life.  We all watched the snake slowly kill it and then swallow it whole, wings and everything. Definitely the craziest thing on this trip.  After that I went for a hike up the coast to the point to explore.  Pretty hot!  On my way back I was near a line of palm trees walking around and two dogs came out of nowhere running at me.  I had a monopod I pulled out and defended them off.  Pretty sketchy.  Got back near the water line quickly.  Headed back to the compound and the guys were heading out.  Didn’t look that good but I decided to swim out anyway with my 24 lens.  Wasn’t out long before I realized it wasn’t shootable.  Went in to trade my camera for a surfboard and then caught a bunch of waves before lunch.  Afternoon came quick, as well all took a quick nap.  A little cornhole action and then the evening session was approaching.  Hooked up my flash and headed out by myself as no one wanted to surf.  A couple bodysurfers joined me for the sunset session.  Good way to watch the sunset, in the water!

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