Day 5 – Sharks and small waves all to ourselves.

Day 5 began with the decision to stay north on the south end of the Mentawai Island chain near the breaks, shipwrecks, moots, Lighthouse, etc.  a handful of us hopped in the tin boat to check the breaks in the area before the big boat would head to the spot we found best handled the conditions.  The usual spots were ruled out and we ended up at a no name break, finding offshore winds and clean glassy conditions.  When I say small waves, it is relative to the area (not comparing to Florida).  The start of the day was a great one for me as I finally filled my stomach without worrying about my issue of getting aches immediately.  When your on a trip with 5 star food at every moment, its hard not to eat it!

After the morning session ended with the swell deciding to no longer find the spot we moved the circus back to Moots.  A few of us swam over to the tiny island off Moots, making our way through the shallow reef onto the coral beach.  Immediately the biting flys were on us along with the midday sun beating down on our skin.  We were all covered up with long sleeve rash guards, hats and SunBum sunblock.  I had set my camera down to walk around the island and of course on the other side we spotted a tiny baby black tip shark cruising the shallows.  Rule number 1 always have your camera on you!  As the others returned back to the boat to surf I continued to explore the reef around the island and the break.  Right in the impact zone I spotted a couple Nurse sharks in the reef.  With waves constantly pounding I struggled to get a shot.  Eventually making my way back to the boat for lunch the time came when everyone was either surfed out, burned out from the sun or napping.  I headed out by myself and surfed a couple hours of fun long lefts peeling over the reef with coral heads punching through the surface of the flats that I negotiated on every wave.

A couple others joined me and the wind switched and the session at Moots was over.  On the constant chase we hopped in the tin and started hunting for the breaks with the new wind direction.  Ended up going back to our morning spot to end the day where we started.  Dave, Noel and Andy surfed till dark as I swam with my cam.  What a great way to end a long day of hunting for Mother Natures aquatic mobile mountains.

Nothing too exciting to report about today except Noel dressing up like a ballerina for his afternoon session.  Protection from the sun, reef and prior cuts was the goal but with the lower half of a full suit to cover your legs and aqua socks for booties, it was closer looking for an audition to dancing to the Nutcracker!

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