Day 6 – Layday exploring the underwater world and being graced by Doris!.

Day 6 – Layday exploring the underwater world.

Day 6 began with the wind howling and the chop building  surrounded by dark clouds in the darkness at 5 am.  We checked Moots and then headed south 18 miles to the southern most island with our fingers crossed.  Meat Lockers was choppy from the angry ocean and it was decided that today would be a lay day as conditions would prevent us from finding a decent wave in our area.

During our cruise we all relaxed in the galley and were amused by Dave, Andy and Noel all comparing their action cams and who’s was best (GoPro, Ion and Drift).  It was a classic pissing match.  Good laughs!

We headed for one of my favorite lagoons about 3 miles across bordered by a small island and reefs.  Nearly everyone geared up to explore the reefs.  Noel headed out with the spear gun hoping to catch dinner.  Skylar and I headed towards the channel of Debuts, the break nearby.  The reef was alive and well but still not 100% like it should be.  Over fishing in Indonesia has been a problem.  Fishing is a way of survival, either for ones family or for the local village.  The awareness and damage being done isn’t completely understood here.  They kill the fish with explosives which also kills a lot of the reef.  This area hasn’t gotten that abuse but its sad to think that it could.  The island is the southern most island and is not easily acceptable.  There were groves of coral in the clear blue waters to glide over and watch the fish dart in and out of them.  Slowly I made my way under the break Debuts and was surprised to see a large Jack Trevali cruising past me.  Noel was able to snatch a grouper and the rest of us snatched memories of mother nature in the Ments.  We gathered everyone in the boat scattered around the area.  Frank had swam across the channel to the island which had us on our toes for a few tense moments when we couldn’t find him.  Back to the boat for another killer lunch from Tim.

After lunch we headed back north as there weren’t any wave options down south.  I took advantage of the two hour trip to get some rest and take a nap.  Naps are priceless!  Once my sweet dreams ended to the sound of the idling engine, I knew we had arrived somewhere.  Checking Lighthouse for probably the 5th time with no luck!  The guys went to check the nearby spots and radioed back with no luck.  We crossed the channel and anchored back to our morning spot the day before.  A handful of us jumped in for an evening snorkel while I gave the shallow reef a shot with my camera into the sun dipping into the horizon.  I had to abandon the flash housing before paddling out, since it had sprung a leak from the night before and hadn’t been able to fix it during the day.  The first day without surfing a wave came as a surprise to the guys but this is mother nature and even in one of the best places to surf on earth, it still gets small at times.

After dinner and shortly after everyone except Doug, Scott, Tim the Chef and myself went to sleep we were graced with the presence of Tony “Doris” Eltherington.  A legend in the surf industry in this part of the world.  He was the first to surf Padang Padang in Bali in 1972.  He was also an early mate to Martin Daly running charters in the Ments when it all began on the Indies boats.  He was named Waterman of the year last year for rescuing the Australian surfer from falling overboard in the Ments and being lost at sea putting himself into the Australian Surfing hall of fame.  A raw pirate of the sea, telling us stories and wise cracks into the evening.  It was a good change of pace!  Classic character.  Was annoyed that I was on the computer typing this blog.  “What’s ya writing mate!”  Me, “About you!”  Doris, “Ah, get off that thing.”  I continued to work.
This continued into the evening and ended with me being too tired to continue and him notifying us of his 25 year old Indo pornstar girlfriend coming on his next trip.  This was just icing on the cake in his illustrious character.  Meanwhile he is 58 and has been doing charters for nearly 30 years.  Didn’t seem like he was a fan of sunblock.

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