Day 7 – 8ft sets without gills.

Day 7 – 8ft sets without gills.

I was out first in the water this morning as the sun came up over the horizon and got in 10+ long left handers to myself at Moots.  Getting 5-6 turns out of each wave in the mellow but fun conditions.  Soon after I swam in an started shooting the guys as they arose from the dead.  Around mid morning a couple of us headed in the tin boat over to a nearby island where McFrights was peeling barrels.  Cliff and Christian traded off barrels by themselves while I shot from the tin boat with my 70-200 on my only working 1d Mark 3 body left.  Cliffy won the heat and nearly combed Christian.  Since we were in the tin boat about 3 miles from the Trader it was just the two of them out.  All I could think was if Nader knew what he was missing it could get ugly.  A storm started to approach from afar and we had to get out of there before the white conditions met us on the way back from the boat.  We made it back with a little evidence to prove just before the rain started hard.  While it started pouring outside we ate some lunch on our way over to the lighthouse.  It was firing.  Martin was calling it 8ft on the sets.  Solid rights barreling in the inside.  I chose to shoot from the tin for while, then the Trader and then hoped in the water with my flash housing until dark.  The housing setup plus the flash is a lot to carry in 8ft waves.  On top of that the lineup was shifty and a little unpredictable in the inside.  Shooting in the water is and adventure every time I swim out.  Add a flash to the situation and its gets that much more confusing, not just shooting photos from a technical stand point but also the shear weight of the housing.  After all though this is why I like it, bringing that much more of a problem to solve.  Just before dark I was trying to lineup with Kane on a barrel and a 4 wave 8ft set came and cleaned my clock.  I was done and another day was in the books.

Ben Hicks

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