Day 7 and 8 – Angry Seas and the Devils wind

Day 7 Lay Day 2 in the angry seas and the devils wind

The mentawais works on almost all wind directions, when there is any.  A West Northwest wind is known as the devils wind when nearly all breaks don’t work with.  There are a couple that do but of course the swell direction needs to be on par.  Without much swell and the devils winds blowing we headed for the southern most Sandy Island to find the choppy conditions had taken over.  A few of the guys ventured out to surf Meat Locker in the Florida conditions to get their appetite wet.  Because of the high seas they had to jump off the back transom and swim to the tin which would take them to the break.  Normally the tin (18′ Aluminum tender boat) docks on the back transom but today conditions were too dangerous.  After we dropped the 4 surfers off the Trader headed to the leeward side of the island for the Lagoon, where we would spend the afternoon waiting out the passing rain storms.  I decided to finally get another nap in!  Two days in a row and felt amazing!  During my nap the guys had to decide on what to do the next few days.  Stay down south or head north.  With a vote it was decided that we move north.  I would have also casted a vote to head north and see some new scenery.  A new swell is on the way and we were ready for some new breaks.  The day consisted of a lot of eating, movies, wise cracks, etc.  Its a good thing this boat is so nice to relax in!

A couple double rainbows graced us throughout the day of clouds rain and sun.  About 3 p.m. we started the trek north in the high seas.  This boat is very sea worthy but the tin boat we were dragging had a rough outing.  At one point it caught air over a set wave!  No one got sick on the 3 hour+ crossing into the hi seas but we were all ready for calm waters.  We settled back into a calm mooring spot for dinner and enjoyed a fresh fish dinner.


Day 8 – The flatness continues

We awake to day 8 with a similar story, small and windy.  The non surfing activity list was getting smaller and smaller.  We were having a mid trip crisis of wave starvation.  With cloudy and rainy conditions I couldn’t even shoot the poor conditions thus is why I combined these two days together in the blog.  Tim the chef said 4 days of flatness is the record for the Indies Trader.  That would not be a good record to break!  Our checking of Moots revealed that it was time to head north.  Way north!  We would head toward Thunders about 5 hours away.  The movie marathon began as I myself got caught up on work.  The joke on the boat is, there are so many meals that you never go below 75% full.  At this point we were all over 100% and needing to get out of the cabin.  I hadn’t been in the water for over 2 days.  We arrived in the early afternoon at Thunders backside where there was an Aframe right and a point.  The waves “looked” like they were firing.  The group headed out to the point where the wave had a bit of mush to the shoulder between walled up sections.  Noel decided to paddle to the break up the point where the main swell would be hitting.  He grabbed a couple bombs and even got his “bootie” ripped off.  Well actually it was an aqua sock.  Andy and Dave gave the Aframe a try and found it to not be breaking as good as it looks.  It looked really good from the photos!  After an hour or two we all headed back to have Tim’s fish and chips and head further north about 2 hours to Croc’s (not gonna name the real spot since its still pretty secret).  We had checked Green Bush first where the swell wasn’t hitting correctly.  Once at crocs I had my 50mm in the housing but with the small conditions and brown water from the nearby river mouth I opted to surf.  Not to mention it was super cloudy and drizzly.  What a good choice I made.  Couped up on that boat can make you go crazy.  Felt great to get a surf in, even though it was small and there were a lot of branches and debris from the outgoing river mouth to contend with.  Scott and Noel towed in to a inconsistent barreling left and Andy headed up the point from us to surf the larger right.  Everyone had a smile on their face when the session was over just as it got dark.  Finally a fun little surf.  Now we all hopped this luck would continue.  As this is my third trip on the Indies Trader we hadn’t had more than 3 full cloudy flat days combined.  I felt bad as these guys were yearning for some real waves.  Don’t get me wrong there were fun little waves we surfed the past few days and for Florida it would of been epic.  But…. We were in Indo and the best spot in Indo at that!  The swell charts look good along with the winds.  Let hope it lives up to the potential!

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