Day 8: Sleep, shoot, eat, edit, repeat

Day 8:  Sleep, shoot, eat, edit, repeat

Up at the call of Matt knocking at the door at 430am.  Its about time he got up to shoot sunrise flash!  Everyone except Byron woke up for the dawn patrol session.  Conditions weren’t pipe.  Atleast we were by ourselves!  Swimming three sessions a day was starting to take a toll and this morning I was sore!  It was pretty difficult to link up in the shifty lineup but we made it happen.  Once the tide got too low we all went in to grind on breakfast.  I had three breakfasts, literally.  Session two I shot from the shade on land for a different perspective (and a break for my body).  The ladies of the house,, ran, did yoga and worked out.  The house parrot didn’t like the heavy breathing exercise and started squalking!  Since the waves were small everyone left to take a road trip to Rancho Santana while I got caught up with work. I did some promo work for World Turtle day where I am giving away some awesome gear from my sponsors on my page.  Half the crew (Matt, Jasmin, Woody and Doug) came back and we made a feast of fresh lobster, fish and rice for dinner.  The others must have stayed out to hang with friends.  We planned out a boat trip the following morning to head to Playgrounds and do some fishing in the area.  We all hit the bed early as we need to swim out to the boat at 4:30am.

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