Leslie here we come! Chasing Hurricane Lesile into the Carribean

Loading the boards and heading out just 2 hours after I decided to go on the trip.

As we sit on the runway at Fort Lauderdale airport, I go over in my head everything I packed to cover this trip.  I made the decision just hours before to join the trip, which meant packing everything in about 30mins.  I am on a one way trip into the Carribean, with plans to come back only when the swell dies.  Being a photographer, forgetting one little thing can screw up an entire trip, since most places I go have no camera stores or walmarts.  We are aboard a little 6 person private plane headed to the eastern Bahamas to plant ourselves in the direct path of Leslies swell.

Searching along the coastline…

The storm has a lot of potential as many of you know.  With a quick detour checking the coastline we land about 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday.  We stock up on supplies and then head to our base camp, one with every amenity I have ever experienced. 3 surfers and myself meetup in the afternoon with our buddy Skip and get in the first session of the trip.  It was a local spot close to where we are staying with nothing special but the pulse was there and building.  The swell is actually dying as the east swell from Leslie is fading and now we will await the anticipated north swell that will light up the islands.

Cappy warming up on little local break.

Headed back the the base camp (our house) and we all went for a quick dip in the pool after the afternoon onslaught of noseums.  With about 45 mins left of sunlight, I am always determined to make the most out of everyday and got Cliffy and Cappy to head down the cliff the do some diving.  Always curious of my surroundings, there was a full reef at the bottom of the 100 ft cliff we stayed atop of and I wanted to see what was in there.  They both brought a spear and we got about 10 lobsters in 20 mins.

Cappy catching our dinner.

Jellyfish….. I am still healing from my jellyfish wounds from Nicaragua just a couple weeks ago.

The cliff at our stay….. with a very long stairway!

This would feed us for the following night as Nader was inside already getting some dinner ready.  As a typical surf trip goes we were right on track… travel, surf, eat, sleep…right?  Well, as soon as we got done diving we eat…..and while I am typing this before I know it the house was silent.  I hit the sack and go to bed knowing the next few days will be exploring for waves on the coast eating up every bit of energy.