Leslie Swell beginning to fill in: Day 3

Nader carving into a nice little nugget, warming up for the days to come.

Willie and Cliff checking a local spot that had too much onshore wind in the morning.


Day 3:  As we rise with anticipation of the rising swell, we also find out the storm is not moving north like it was forecasted.  This means our offshore winds are still not here yet.  The checks begin as we travel along the coast, bumpy limestone roads, lined by green everywhere and perfect blue skies.  We gain another part of the crew as Willie from Florida joins us along with Skip, who resides here with his family.  The swell has risen considerably which is great but the issue is the light onshore wind.  The decision is made to paddle out and catch a few at the same spot as the day before.  I swam out with my housing…nearly 3/4 of a mile over what Skip calls sharky waters.  Great!

Cappy punting.


Nader, Cappy, Willie and I fight the current for over an hour and a half catching and linking up on a couple and then decide to go in.  The swim kicked my butt.  We were all pooped.  With a little break and a lobster sandwich we had made that morning, we were all ready for more, but this time we decided to launch the waverunners.

Time to rest my legs!

This way I could shoot with my 70-200 aboard and also save everyones time and arms from paddling the entire channel again.  After nearly two hours, the first being filled with getting the nearly broken second ski back to the shallows as it wouldn’t go any faster than idle and the second, dodging sets on my ski while I shot from the channel.  After reloading the skis and heading back to the house we were all exhausted.

A quick dip into the pool while the sun takes a dip into the ocean.

It was before dark which meant the drive back on queens was a little safer.  Everyone came up to our crib and we all ate, talked stories, checked out the days images, etc.  Skip and his wife Jackie are always interested in my work, and are hobbiest photographers.  I gave them a beginner lesson on shooting and how I get some of the shots from this trip.  After that I headed down the cliff with my camera and mini manfrotto tripod and did some longer exposures of the stars before catching up on some emails, talking with my favorite person and better half, and then falling quickly asleep.  The swell is officially suppose to fill in tomorrow!

Watching stars fall into the darkness.