Nicaragua Day 1

Not a bad sunset view.

Not a bad sunset view.

Florida has been hot and flat for weeks – I’m not complaining though as smooth conditions just result in more underwater time to explore south florida’s amazing creatures of the sea.  It severely cuts into surfing though.  We are all accustomed to living on Lake Atlantic this time of year but no one is really ready for it.  This is why you should have a really good excuse to travel and find some waves.


As usual this was a very last minute trip timed around and incoming pulse in swell.  It really wasn’t ideal for me to travel this week, but I was ready to go swim is some real waves and get pounded with 10k worth of gear.  Its photography and I love it.

The trip gathers some new faces and old.  Matt Oberman, chief and potty mouth king, Samer “sledgy”, Chip “sippee” and Jerry, whom will most likely earn a nickname on the trip.  Traveling to Southern Nicaragua which many have you have read about my travels before will always find good waves, no matter what.  We traveled in the middle of the night and arrived at our stay with 1.5 hours until sunrise.  Perfect time for a quick nap before hitting the ground running, or surfing.  The first session is a wake up call for Floridians, especially this time of the year.  I too surfed for a good three hours on my SeaFarer Surfboard, since it was small and not exactly pumping.  Fun waves though.  Thank you to the crew for letting me steal some under priority, according to Matt.  Session tow was followed by a pile of choco banana pancakes.  I shot from land as the wind clocked around becoming onshore.  Naps and then into the sunset session and complete darkness.  Matt and I continued to shoot until we couldn’t even see each other.  It was great to get in the water, but my shoulders were beat after swimming with the flash setup!  Dinner, edits.

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