Nicaragua Day 3 – Weather rules

Daytime dark peaks.

Daytime dark peaks.

I rose to cloudy skies in the dark and major lighting offshore.  The guys had arranged for a boat trip to Playgrounds surf break.  I made the call not to go, as lightning is no joke.  Watching it offshore , while the clouds rolled in thick the weather continued to get worse.  We all stayed in and made a big breakfast.  Once the storms passed Matt and I paddled out for a surf.  While the weather kept me from shooting, once the tide started to switch it turned on.  I went in to get my camera, as the power was out and was unable to edit or catch up on work.  Shot flash for a bit but it was already done by the time I got back out.  Went in and the guys had gotten a taxi to go to Santanas.  It was only 8am but this time.  We drove to Santanas as the guys hadn’t been there before.  Waves weren’t exactly better but just different.  Jerry and Chip paddled out in the hazy glassed off conditions.  I shot long lens from the tower for a while and listened to the local expats tell stories.  Once they came in we all headed back to where we stayed about 30 mins away.  Driving across the countryside here always keeps my mind in check how good we have it.  I wish that everyone in this world experiences 3rd world poverty.  I am not saying these people aren’t happy, in fact they are probably much less stressed that most of you reading this.  Life is simple here.  Our needs(wants) are not even understandable to them.  Think about it.

After a little lunch (PBJ) I explored down the beach to shoot some lineups.  No one wanted to paddle out, which seems to be a reaccurring pattern on this trip.  I continued to explore the beach and shoot in the hazy conditions.  It wasn’t easy trying to get a shot.

As the sun dipped I went back in to get the water housing and swim for the sunset session.  Didn’t get much as the wind was light onshore, a rarity here.

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