Puerto Rico wrapped up

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Sandy still sending swell to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Day 5:
Our last day we fly out at 3 p.m. which translates to one session since we are 2.5 hours from the airport and have 14 dudes to organize.  Cheyne, Ricco, Lance and I are on the road by 6, heading to town where the swell is more manageable but hoping to not have a big crowd.  After checking a few spots we settle back to where we were the first day, Schoolgrounds.  There were about 8 guys out there and also 8 at bridges which also looked pretty fun at about head high, clean and glassy rights.  We paddled out ( I surfed!) to find it a bit faster than we thought from our vantage point on the beach.  After getting a few we moved over to bridges ( I paddled, they walked/drove) The wave was more fun and rippable but the crowd was unforgiving chaos.  So Cheyne and I paddled back to schoolyards and ended our session there.  Coming in there were pretty much rocks everywhere, with no beach.  Urchins inside every crevice, which Lance was the chosen one to get some jabbed in his heel.  Loaded up and speed back to Rincon where we met the others at the bakery for a quick breakfast at 10 am.  We then all headed back to the crib to pack, organize and load everyone up in the vans to head to the airport.  Overall the swell on the trip was too strong for Puerto Ricos spots.  Many of the locals were saying there was just too much water moving to make it all time.  We did score a few sessions that were pretty good but not as we expected.  Which is in some ways a shame, as there was so much to compare it to back home.  If we were here and Florida was flat our mentality of score value would have been much higher.  Throughout the trip I kept getting reports of the damage of the northeast, where our main concern should be and all those people that lost their homes, businesses and nearly their towns.  The bachelor party was a success: There were injuries: broken hand (in a cast by the time we left), a few urchins won their battle with peoples feet, a damaged bumper and taillight on one of the cars, many beers were consumed, shenanigans where given in many ways.  In 3 days our good friend Matt will be married, congrats to him!