Pulse #2 – Mentawai surfing

Cappy in the Green Room at Sharkeys left.

Every moment someone is looking at the ocean or the wave out in front of us.  Hoping, envisioning and waiting to surf.  It a game that we are playing and this is at its most intense level, on a boat on the waves themselves.  The last couple of days had been small, well for the mentawais its small and the days have been filled with rest, exploring, fishing and more rest.  For a few on the trip, its time to actually take in the vacation.  I was all about taking advantage of the impressive live reefs and see an underwater zoo that is getting rarer and more extinct by the day in this world.  As we travel around from spot to spot the amount of plastic floating really makes you think what is wrong in this world in many ways.  Depressing especially in such a magical place.

The reef below where we slept last night.
Yesterday was one of my longer days in a while.  Put atleast 9 hours in the water.  From getting long lefts to myself in the morning when no one else would paddle out, to shooting three sessions, putting me to sleep for 12 hours.  We were back at Sharkeys, our third day venturing back there after sleeping in a calmer channel.  From shooting  small barrel shots with Cappy mid day at the right, to swimming out just when the new swell started to flex.  The evening session was the best the boys have had yet.  Pumping 4-5 foot.  Barrels were ridden but not without the reef reminding us why mother nature will always rule.  Dimitri was the chosen one for the reef to make its mark.  Upon linking up with me inside the barrel with my fisheye, Big D bounced off the reef a couple times and had to go in.  He was in pain.  We continued to shoot with the rest until dark and the day closed with everyone pretty stoked on finally getting what they came for.

Dimitri hooking it before the reef hooked him.

The Indies Trader 4 visited us today as it was on its way from Jakarta to Padang from getting an over haul at port.  Erik the captain came out and surfed with us all and then took Tommy and I back to his boat and we checked it out.  14 toilets, sleeps over 35 people and twin 1300 hp engines makes it one of the premier boats for Ocean Adventures in the this part of the world.  You too could take it for a spin for $11,500 per day.

The engine room of the Indies Trader 4 ( aka the boat from Young Guns movie ).  26oo hp.

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