Remote Mentawai and surfing Sharkeys with no sharks

Sharkeys Left

As we all get into our groove on the boat it seems most of us have had time to reflect where we are in this crazy world and where we came from during this first half of the trip.   Home is far away and we (atleast me and a couple others) are all starting to miss our loved ones.  The people that come up to our boat in their dugout canoes selling carved wooden items are happy and all smiles.  The groms flying down the line are on broken boards way too big for them, getting more barrels than anyone, laughing smiling and living their simple lives.  Our lives are so busy, working and working.  Coming here and interacting with the locals once again puts my life in perspective.  We have it good, and to stress about so many little things so often is not necessary.  Of course the people here stress about things but you can see it on there face that life is pretty good and they don’t need anything.

The day started with another 3:30 am wake up by my conscious.  Still jet lagged but getting better.  We all usually eat breakfast before the first dawn patrol session and then head out.  Today everyone was pretty beat and it was a bit slower getting the gears turning.  We have ventured down south to a spot called Sharkeys with a right and a long left on the sides of a channel leading out from an inhabited island.  Another amazing spot that I not only need to shoot a lot of but also surf, explore below into the reefs and sink it all in.  The reefs had a lot of sting rays, mostly blue with orange spots along with a huge selection of your typical pet store fish and many more.

The dead reef.

Sadly the reef has been greatly damaged at this an many of the spots by the devastating tsunamis and the grave yards of coral lay everywhere in the shallower areas. The tender was out a couple of times with various people and caught a bunch of blue travalli and snapper, in which Tim the chef made for dinner in a curry sauce.  The highlight of the day, was when the crew punked us all after dinner.  As we were all inside the cabin watching a movie Tim the chef runs in yelling fish on, fish on.  Someone grab the pole!  Samer runs out and starts reeling it in.  Cliff at his side helping to reel in the catch of the night.  Could it be a shark?  Pitch black outside with the deck lights on you still could’nt see what was jumping.  Running up and down the boat, he finally reeled it in.  The captain was trying to keep the line from catching on the anchor and the next thing you know he fell into the water next to the huge shark?  A moment later someone yells out, “He’s got fins on, oh wait, thats Yorg ( the crew engineer ).   Yorg was on the other end of the line the whole time.  We all just got punked!!  I was even taking pics.  Good times.  Bedtime came soon after as we all crashed hard after another awesome day surfing all day, eating amazing food and smiling in paradise.

The crew punking us.