Sandy Hits Puerto Rico, Day 3, nearly too big and most spots

Near Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Near Aguada, Puerto Rico

We start the day out in Rincon rising at 5 am.  Gather 8 of us, pack two vans and start the long process of checking a lot of spots.  In fact nearly every spot from Rincon to Isabella were checked.  Somewhat frustrating but a similar situation as many of you have been experiencing in South Florida with the exception of a few spots or you own a jet ski.  Ending up in Aguadilla surfing a spot where no one was out, half the crew surfed and the other watched, as it was large barely manageable rights.  Cheyne got a few out of the session, along with Matt, Skeeter and Jye.  Following the session we ate and then continued to research the eastern end of the island where it is not washed out to surf.  Going back to Rincon, a handful of us paddled out at spot near out place.  Its was about 8-10 ft, double to triple overhead.  I paddled out with Cheyne and made it out.  Got a rest before a 10 ft set decided to tax me.  Took a few and then headed in to get a few shots before calling it a day.  Tomorrow we chase it again and hope it gets a little smaller for the breaks to handle it.

Sandy Beach, Puerto Rico.  Much bigger than it looks.

Cheyne Cottrell boosting on a little inside wave.