Sharkies Day 2 – Swell drops

As we lift anchor in the early hours of the morning from our mooring in a channel we head about 45 mins north back to Sharkeys where we discover a dropping swell still more from the day before.  As I waited for someone to go out to shoot, no one made a move since everyone has been so beat from the days before.  So I grabbed my board and was taken out to the break on the tin.  I sit out by myself and wait for a set.  Its impressive of small you feel in a big ocean out by yourself.  I stayed out for about an hour before signaling to get a ride in after getting my share of waves at Sharkeys lefts by myself.  Soon after the rest paddled out and I switched my board for my housing, grabbing my 50mm lens.

Skipp, has arisen on the trip as my new apprentice.  After about an hour of shooting, he said, “You want to switch,”  “Ok I said.”  So I grabbed his slightly meatier board and hand over my 10k rig.  I think he had more fun using my cam than surfing.  So I caught some more!

After heading in I shot from the air-conditioned cabin getting some foreground window shots and updating my stomachs tank.  The waves were a bit lack luster so the captain Joel decided to head back to our mooring spot South, to check out the little break out from the tiny island.  It didn’t look so hot, as Dimitri caught a couple and then came in.

I decided it was time to go scope out the island and the waters around it.  Grabbed my underwater cam, another wide angle cam, fins, mask, a radio and threw them into my drybag as the boys dropped Tommy Poles (“poles” is tommy’s nickname since he snowboards with poles!”) and I on the island.  We walked all the way around and then I went for a swim.  The boat came back to pick us up and just outside the island there was an incredible live reef.

With the sun dipping  down the light illuminating the reef puts life under the sea into a whole new dimension.  I was impressed and was lucky to get a couple shots off before we had to head back to the boat.  Dinner was comprised of the days Snapper catch, corn, potatoes, rice, lamb chops, salad, and mini ice cream cones for desert!  Once again we all dropped like flies into our caves once the meal hit the spot.