Little knee to occasional thigh high swell still coming into north Broward this morning. I wouldn’t call it rideable with the high tide this morning but I did manage to get a couple of waves. Upcoast looks like it still getting the goods.


Fun waist to chest high with bigger sets in North Broward this morning. From what I hear there’s waves everywhere. GO SURF!


Knee to waist high clean swell in North Broward this morning. Long wait for sets but there are waves coming in. Pictures make it look better than it is. North PBC on the other hand is firing!

Friday Morning

Scored it in North Broward this morning. Waist to chest with some bigger sets and offshore winds. Low tide has a hurtin on it now but there are still plenty of waves to be had.

Looks like we’ll have waves for the next few days with good winds!  Wave models are looking better than what NWS is calling for.

Here’s a few more: