Low Moving Out of Texas Towards the OBX

We apologize for the non post as of late. We have begun monitoring for an area of Low Pressure forecast to move out from Texas across the Southern States and up towards and off the OBX during the upcoming forecast period. This is the time of year we go into reverse from Tropical Season. Instead of watching Lows cross the Atlantic from East to West we now watch them move across the U.S. and out into the Atlantic. Think Lows moving across Afrika into the Atlantic but in reverse. You have to wait to see them get over water to see how they setup and pay close attention to the models inside of 96 Hours. IR from earlier this morning.2015-10-30_083858Latest 72-96 hour surface forecast out of the OPC showing a slight Southerly track to just South of the OBX before drifting out away from the coast a bit.2015-10-30_094835Latest wind forecast setting it up Monday into Tuesday just ESE of the OBX with a decent fetch of NE winds that could help produce a POSSIBLE Fun Surf Alert coming. Remember nothing in weather is absolute until it happens in Real-Time.2015-10-30_112552This low prior to hitting the Atlantic should also provide a decent Southerly suckup for North Gulf waters. Latest out of the National Hurricane Center showing seas increasing along the Texas coast to 10 feet next 24.2015-10-30_121356And the Southerly fetch rotating into the Florida Pan Handle next 48 seas 4-6 Feet.2015-10-30_121540Long term going into the second week of November back to back runs of the GFS continues to suggest a late season Tropical Cyclone NE of PR. The EURO is just starting to hint at it again long ways out but the pattern is setting up for the possibility.2015-10-30_114624This will likely move up out of the Southern Caribbean and is not the Tropical Wave currently West of the Cape Verdes. NHC currently giving that system a 10% chance of development next 5 days.2015-10-30_122612
Stay tuned for the next update. We will be stepping them up over the weekend so be sure to check back for the very latest.

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Low Pressure Out Near PR Western GOMEX ?

Two years ago 2013 during this same week this was the setup. We were watching newly tagged 90L INVEST and an area just North of the Island. 90 later went on to become Tropical Cyclone LORENZO. ZO lifted North then NE into the North ATLC and although not a big swell producer for us here in the states it’s remnants went on to become the trigger mechanism for the UK’s St Jude Storm. The storm did not have as much impact as the 1987 storm however many deaths were attributed to it. 2015-10-21_071303Here what it looks like this morning same location. Which is beginning to look identical. By no means are we suggesting another St Jude Storm but it is becoming eerily similar.
FORECASTER NOTE: Everything in life is about waves, it comes in it. Radio Waves leads to Sound Waves and when you mix in Tropical Waves that lead to surf  life can be good when surrounded by the right waves. Check out the open wave as a POSSIBLE  secondary low may develop upcoming forecast.2015-10-22_055850Last nights run of the GFS takes the remnants of this Low, which by the way still has a legitimate shot at becoming Tropical or Sub Tropical Cyclone KAYT and wraps it up into a 969MB Hurricane Force Low West of the UK in about 72-96 hours. There is another area of Low Pressure over the NE U.S. out bound for the ATLC that looks to combine with the remnants of which again will likely be the trigger mechanism just like we saw in 2013. This will set up huge swell for the East ATLC.  You can see the secondary Low mentioned above just to the East of Bermuda left hand portion of the image.2015-10-22_061836Latest East Atlantic Swell forecast showing long period groundswell developing.2015-10-22_063618And the 96HR WW showing seas increasing to 13 METERS next 96 or Excess 40 Feet. We will continue to monitor this developing system and will have another update on this tomorrow.2015-10-22_063838Back state side. There is a possible FUN Surf Alert setting up. You can compare sat image above to the latest 24hr surface map out of the National Hurricane Center. Depends on how much NE gradient and fetch increases over Bermuda as the low lifts North. Hopefully it will put some longer periods in the water.2015-10-22_053456It is here Saturday where the FUN Surf Alert sets up. Secondary Low develops  backside of Bermuda. Remnants of current Low getting absorbed into Low East of Newfoundland. Long fetch NE Winds aimed at PR in through the Bahamas and over to SOFLO.2015-10-22_064520Sunday Low taking shape backside of Bermuda NE winds 35-40KTS but now look atthe NNE gradient cranking up in the NATLC. So thats wrap around East of New Foundland with High pressurea guiding it into backside Bermuda Low.2015-10-22_064539Then later Sunday Hurricane Force Low  NE ATLAC with the Bermuda Low ready to make a fast exit off towards the NE. Take Note of NW Gulf.2015-10-22_064604Monday a possible quick storm in the NW GULF. Residents along the Texas coast should closely monitor the forecast leading into the weekend.2015-10-22_065533Pushed for time this morning. Check back for the next update which will be tomorrow.

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Low Pressure North of PR

We continue to monitor the area out near PR for Low Pressure Development. Update from last forecast, will scale back down from POSSIBLE Major Swell Event, back to Significant Swell Event. Although models have backed off Tropical Cyclone Development it can not be ruled out at this time. It’s just that time of year and the synoptic pattern is set for it. The front is beginning to settle and the tail end is becoming established out near the Central Bahamas. The general flow from Western Cuba out towards PR is from the West to East.2015-10-20_113735It’s out further East where we are watching. If you have followed our updates and watched our  video update we’ve been talking about a small area East of the Island of PR. Around the 2 minute mark of that video update.2015-10-20_114558Latest 72HR surface forecast out of the National Hurricane Center now on board showing Low pressure NNW of PR. If you look at the above visible satellite imagery you can see it coming together. The forecast is for it to lift NNE as a developing storm. This goes back to our first update when we mentioned this as a POSSIBLE No Name Storm. Image is for Friday showing Low leaving towards the NE away from PR.2015-10-20_111154
Here’s what it looks like in the current swell forecast. Obviously if the flip gets switched and a Tropical Cyclone does develop swell forecast will change. The NE green 10-12 seconds is what has been and continues to be mainly from AZORES Low mentioned in our updates.2015-10-20_112435Afternoon model runs are coming out will likely update this post later on today so be sure to check back for it later this afternoon or evening for the update. Winds look to start backing down along the Florida Coast Thursday into Friday although they look to remain onshore. Will also take a closer look at the wind forecast later on today as this event begins to unfold. This is an early morning look at the IR showing lots of potential.2015-10-20_084608Either way it looks like we are in an active phase likely until the first week of November as models begin to tren back on development coming out of the GOMEX with the next associated front to come sweeping through. 97E  has now become TD 20E. This system is forecast to ride the coast towards the NW and the front coming could sweep the remnants back into the Western GOMEX with another similar setup like we just went through. And yes maybe another Big High pressure Blow coming. 2015-10-20_095810Stay Tuned for the Update

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POSSIBLE Major Swell Event Cyclone KAYT ?

Here’s a follow up to yesterdays post. Satellite imagery and synoptic pattern suggest that we may be in the early stages of Tropical Cyclone formation North of PR in about 3-4 days. We are seeing key signals in the latest imagery. Rule of thumb during Tropical Season, always watch tail ends of fronts or along stalled or dying fronts for an area of low pressure to spin up. especially at the end of the season. The front is finally pushing through. Bottom left Central Bahamas. There are multiple spins in the atmosphere. The flow is towards the East.2015-10-18_121230This was an early morning IR image. You can see the pattern is there. As we advertised a few days ago models want to take partial energy of two tropical waves and develop low pressure North of PR we are now in that Real-Time Phase.2015-10-18_072452Last nights run of the GFS likes the idea. Developing Tropical Cyclone KAYT towards the end of the week. Image is for Saturday. Subscribers are reminded one run of many more to come.2015-10-18_123948Then on Sunday turns it NW towards the OBX. This is not the first time the model has suggested this before backing away from the idea. Have not seen the afternoon runs yet. EURO doesn’t like it. We do though as there are signs everywhere.2015-10-18_123955One of the key indicators something may try to BREW up is when this floater moves position and what location it affixes itself to. Thats the Bahamas bottom left corner.2015-10-18_124605
Here’s the video update

Stay tuned for the next update

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POSSIBLE Major Swell Event

Subscribers are reminded we do our best to provide you with the most accurate and optimistic forecast. Nay Sayers need not subscribe. If you are visiting our site and forecast for the first time we are primarily focused on boat, beach, marine, wind and surf forecast which is our forte. We are now in the Real-Time Phase of the “Big Blow Coming Significant Swell Event” advertised here on DaBuh.com and in our social media feeds. The synoptic pattern and recent model trends suggest the “Significant Swell Event” portion of the forecast is now upgraded to a DaBuh.com POSSIBLE Major Swell Event. This is when a storm system produces seas in excess of 25 Feet and groundswell that affects the majority of the surf community with large surf conditions.  In winter although there are many instances of Hurricane Force Lows in the NATLC producing seas in excess of up to 35-40 FEET, not all qualify for DaBuh.com Major Swell Event Status.

We continue to monitor two areas. The area we’ve been monitoring for over in the Western GOMEX has now been upgraded to 92L INVEST. National Hurricane Center currently at 20% Chance of Development next 5 days. The thinking has been since day one when we tweeted to @Bobbistorm on Twitter on October 8th 9 days ago that the system would lift N-NW-W into Mexico.2015-10-08_172547The change in the thinking came the other day when the EURO came on board on showed development in the Northern Gulf. The likely track would have carried it to the East and North East. It now appears that 92L INVEST will likely lift North NW and into Texas.2015-10-17_082425There are uncertainties with this as Phillip Klotzbach CSU tweeted a few days ago, “Since 1878 (when reasonably complete US landfall records began), no tropical cyclone forming after 10/13 has ever impacted TX as a hurricane”
Currently models have backed of any development of a possible hurricane from this system however recent model trends moves this area of disturbed weather around the TEX/MEX rim of the GULF. For now we watch.

The other area we’ve been monitoring in our updates is partial energy from some late season tropical waves over in the Central Atlantic and the current synoptic pattern here. For those who follow us on our social media feeds there remains an outside shot a two tropical systems. One in the Gulf and one North of PR however it appears the one with the best shot is the area we will be monitoring for North of PR as a Possible Major Swell Event.2015-10-17_092829Last Nights run of the GFS for next Saturday 10-24 showing a Tropical Cyclone ESE of the OBX and 92L INVEST moving into the TEX/MEX border as an area of disturbed weather our possibly a Tropical Storm. This is one run of many more to come. There will be changes. As stated in our last update it’s understanding the model trends and then comparing the Real-Time satellite imagery and data to see the potential. 2015-10-17_031015The players are on the board and chances are increasing for a Major Swell Event coming up in the upcoming forecast period. If the above run was to verify the latest wind wave swell forecast for the above image would be seas in excess 25 Feet in NNE Groundswell 12-15 seconds qualifying for a DaBuh.com Major Swell Event. For now we are in a Weight and Sea mode and will continue to analyze the most recent data over the next several days so stay tuned in for the latest.2015-10-17_035017For the Nay Sayers on the two storm scenario. We currently have KOPPU and CHAMPI in the West Pacific. Ex-Nora and OLAF near Hawaii and the possibility of KAYT and LAIR-REE over on the Atlantic Side so don’t think two can’t develop in close proximity. KOPPU has strengthened to Super Typhoon and prayers go out to the people of the Philippines our home country and to the first responders and all workers of relief agencies involved after the storm passes. KOPPU could slow to a crawl after landfall which could lead to devastating impacts as this would prolong the event.2015-10-17_062142We are also monitoring what has now become Tropical Storm OLAF for a Large Island Swell Event.2015-10-17_055326
Will likely do a separate update. Image for next Saturday showing OLAF East of the Hawaiian Islands with Blue Roofs 1028 MB HIGH stacked should lead to large ocean swell impacting the Islands.2015-10-17_055552For now Big Blow Coming now underway. As of report time Frying Pan Shoals North winds 20-25KTS. In our last update we showed you this with two Northerly Swell Sources one from AZORES LOW and the Northerly Flow off the U.S. East Coast.2015-10-14_053551Forecast verification now showing in the latest 96 Hour Swell Forecast out of the OPC. NE Groundswell 10-13 seconds from AZORES LOW Northerly Wind swell 8-10 Seconds developing off the U.S. East Coast. Think what will happen if a Hurricane develops ESE of the OBX on top of this.2015-10-17_105743Stay tuned. It’s why we watch and you follow. Spread Da Wurd by sharing our forecast.

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Wednesday Morning Surf Update

This report brought to you by Ohana Shaved Ice Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach. Today is Whacky Wednesday. Buy a large shaved ice get one free.2015-09-16_075613Now serving the Da Buh. Special hand crafted wrap by Cody. Shrimp, Slaw. Mango Salsa and Plantain is off Da Chain with Mac Salad. Next 5 people to comment below using #OHANA get a $10 gift card to the shop.2015-10-14_075307
FLAAAAAAAAT  Lake Atlantic in Effect. Ocean appears flat at times because it is.2015-10-14_075852But hang on…… help is on the way…… check the homepage for the update on BIG Blow Coming Significant Swell Event setting up in the forecast.2015-10-14_053551With the EURO flipping the switch back to on for Tropical Development Gulf of Mexico. Click the image for more detail or visit this post http://dabuh.com/update-big-blow-coming-significant-swell-event/2015-10-14_044750Stay Tuned

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