Returning from Indo to Hurricane Irene

As I return from Indo from shooting salt water for nearly 23 days straight, Hurricane Irene turns 120 miles from my landing strip at Miami Airport.  The second we land Matt Oberman and I turn back into surf mode, from zombie mode = 37 hours of traveling.  Making calls and narrowing in where to go since we still had 4 hours of daylight remaining and I had the most amazing girlfriend ever picking us up ready to chase it upcoast.  For the next two days I was on it nonstop shooting it from Fort Lauderdale to Palm beach.  Swimming with my housing, shooting from land and trying to somehow shake off some serious jet lag.  By Friday afternoon the lack of rest had caught up and had to get some red bull in me before the last swim of the day out at Reef Road.  Tanner Strohmenger, Cheyne Cottrell and I had chased it all day and ended up scoring some surf but not without the influx of jellyfish consuming every itchable part of our bodies.  With the rise of the sun on Saturday much of South Florida discovered that Irene was still bearing gifts and Palm Beach was nearly the same size.  So it was on again, but I would stay south where the swell had reached some pretty rare spots in South Palm Beach County along with Broward County.  As I knew all the coverage was being focused on Palm Beach and Northward along the East coast of the US, no one was shooting down south.  Putting eggs into that basket paid off on Saturday when we got the shots.  You can see some of them on and, while more will come in print later.  Next up Katia….
Ben Hicks
Boca Raton Photography & Design

Saturday Morning Pompano Surf Report

Waist to chest high plus in Pompano beach this morning. High tide and storm surge has it unmanageable at most spots throughout south Florida. Once the tide drops out some it should get real good everywhere. GO SURF!!!!!

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Friday Morning

Hurricane Irene is still sending down the goods to South Florida. North Broward is waist to chest but most sandbars are washed out from yesterdays massive swell.

PBC is Chest to head with some bigger sets. The Above photos are from the Boca area. It’s way bigger the further north you go.

Scotty is up in Central PBC taking photos. I’ll update with those later and some from Pompano.

Photo update from central PBC and Pompano.


Thursday Morning Pompano Surf Report

Fun waist to chest to head high sets in Pompano this morning. Winds went light, offshore about an hour ago just before the feeder band came thru. Looks like the winds will be hit and miss throughout the day as the swell fills in. If you find the right sandbar you’ll have some fun. Not as big as I was hoping for this morning but fun nonetheless. Stay tuned as we’ll try to update more throughout the day.

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