Time to search for waves: Nicaragua! 11:45 a.m August 20, 2012.

About a week ago I got the call from Matt Oberman that we were on alert to pack and go to Nicaragua based on the swell models.  With my schedule, I was not able to leave when they did on Friday of last week, so I am waiting a few days to catch my flight down there.  As Matt and crew were in the Southern Region until yesterday we are all meeting in the northern region late tonight to meet up to chase it.  Look out for a post on our first day chasing it on Tuesday evening!  Coming along with me is mini grom, Noah Flegel, who just came off winning the Jr. Pro World Wakeboard title yesterday!  So this is gonna be a littlecelebratory trip for him.  Congrats Noah.  Below is a shot from our February trip to a similar spot on the map.

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Nicaragua, scoring in the first two hours after landing…

Day 1

Hit the road on day 1 right into the water and were greeted with head high offshore waves all by ourselves!  We got exactly what the forecast was calling on a quick last minute trip, which hardly ever happens!  Cheyne and Brian flew in two hours before us and waited while Tanner, Matt and I flew in on the next flight.  Our driver got us to the break safely which is a nice way of saying he drove so slow even I was annoyed.  But we got there and rushed out to get wet.  Here are some shots from day one, leaving out the good ones for mags of course!  Tanner got the shot of the day but its not in here.  Enjoy!

– Ben

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