Day 2: Mornging surf shoot and drive up to Yosemite Valley

Jake boosting.

*The delay of 4 days of posting was lack on internet, let along any cell phone coverage……

Day 2 began early…. really early.  As many of you know traveling and adjusting to the time zone can really mess with your head.  So, I was up at 4 a.m.  Got some work done, ate some breakfast (oatmeal) and headed to the ocean about 5 mins away to Windansea as I did the night before.  I met up with Jake Kirshenbaum again along with another South florida ripper, Johnny turbo!  Shoot Jake launching into the atmosphere on his 5’3″ stick.  He wasn’t just punting but also landing them.

Even a couple barrels to be weaved through.

Seagulls and airs.

5 day camp trip and 3 days of hiking, most of which will be on my back except the laptop.

Scott showing of his first aid kit that fits everything in a sucrets container.

I finish up running up and down the rocks and cliffs about 9:30 a.m. and then head back to the house to grab Scott to do some last minute earns for the trip. We stock up with food, I pack, quickly send out photos from the mornings shoot and before you know it, 3 o’clock comes and everyone is at our place meeting up to leave.  We have 9 people on the trip, 5 in one car (my  ride) and 4 in the other.  We pack up and have a very snug fit in the car.  I pack very lightly as I need to take my cameras and still have the same amount of room in the car as everyone else.  Food consists of cliff bars, oatmeal, trail mixes, apples, bananas, granola bars and a dry mix pad tai for dinner on the hike.  We make our way north from San Diego to Yosemite, 7 hours away in Northern California.  We stop a few times, but are able to make good time and arrive at about 11:30 p.m. in the Yosemite Valley floor at Upper Pines campground.  Setup the tents in the pitch black dark and fall quickly asleep.

Day one of Hiking Half Dome….. First we must chase Tropical Storm Miriam!

Natures Camo over Iowa.

Canyons from above make it hard to see what is positive and what is negative on the surface.

Jake boosting into the night.

K-baum set up turn!

This comes with me everywhere!


I always get a window when flying, naturally for a photographer right?  Well, not exactly because I can sleep!  Shooting out of plane windows gets you somewhat blurred images because of the glass unless you shoot wide, which sometimes can be cool.  My flight out to Cali the weather was great and I was able to check out much of the west, Grand Canyon, Rockies, etc.  Upon arriving in San Diego, I made some calls, did some research and made sure I got the most out of my time here by getting right to it and shooting some of the surf hitting the coast from Tropical Storm Miriam.  Hooked up with Florida transplant and all around rad guy Jake Kirshenbaum for a sunset session out at Windansea.  Blowing huge airs out and landing em, he still is killing it!  He and Jake Halstead, punted while I ran around looking for a somewhat decent angle while the sun barely came out of the clouds.  Got totally wet in the process but got a couple keepers.  Finished out the day heading to the grocery store with my good friend Scott to stock up for our trip to Yosemite.  Oh, yeah so down to why I am actually out here.  Flew out to hook up with my long time friend and fellow world class mountain biker Scott Rempe along with 7 of his friends to make a trip up to Yosemite to hike up Half Dome.  We will load up two cars later today (wed) and drive up.  Do a day hike Thursday, camp that night in the park and get up early friday and start up to half dome.  We will sleep on the trail Friday night and rise ass crackish on Sat to summite the dome and hike all the way back down.  Saturday night we will be in Mamouth and then Sunday drive back to San Diego.  Sounds like an adventure to me.  Who knows when I will have internet, but the posts will all eventually come, just wait for my posts on facebook about when…..

All photos © 2012 Ben Hicks