Tuesday Isaac Leftovers

Some fun leftover south swell from Isaac this morning. Most spots I checked in North Broward were breaking in the knee to waist high range.

Gallery’s are up from yesterday and Saturday.

Monday Morning TS Isaac

Chest to over head pretty much everywhere. Winds are cranking out of the SE during these squall lines. Not too bad after they pass. Have fun and be safe! There’s a lot of rips.

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Sunday Morning Tropical Storm Isaac.

Basically it’s Victory At Sea. Some of the inside sandbars are giving up some nice wedges though. If you hunt around and find some shelter from the NE winds you might score. Gnarly feeder band Just made landfall in Broward and ran me off. I’d wait it out. It might clean up some after it passes.

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Some fun waist to chest high waves today throughout Broward county.

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