Fun little runners up in South Central Florida this morning. Borderline shortboardable but plenty of fun on the logs, fishes and mid-lengths.

Single Fin Showdown 2018

Above photos are from Ft. Pierce on Sunday. Caught some fun little slides on the log!

Photos below are from the contest.

Fun Weekend in Stuart for the Single Fin Show Down 2018! There wasn’t much waves for the contest on Saturday  but the amount of Stoke made up for it.


Friday Update Photos from Thursday

Pretty much flat and unrideable this Friday morning throughout Southern South Florida. The above photos are from yesterday taken around Palm Beach County. Man, what a fun day!

Tuesday Surf From Winter Storm Riley.


Man, what a great day of surf! Early morning was pretty much epic for most of South Florida. Above photos are a mix of Boca and Delray. Both spots were equally good before high tide.

I really wish I had time to put some more edits into the photos but I don’t. Some of them really deserve it. ..Oh well

Winds are forecast to go offshore tonight and stay offshore all day tomorrow. There should be plenty of leftover swell in the morning. Might not be as big but it could be another fun day of surf!


Fun day of waves! Hope you got some of it! Photos are from this morning and late afternoon taken in  South PBC. Hope we have the goods again tomorrow!!!


Some fun windchop this morning in South PBC. Little more size than expected. Low tide had a hurtin on it when I was shooting but you could tell that with a little more water it would get a lot better.


Fun little windchop this morning in South PBC. The winds are clocking south tonight and are forecast to go SW tomorrow afternoon. Could be fun and glassy before dark tomorrow.


Fun waves today in the PBC! Shot three locations from central county down south to the county line.

Check back later for a photo update from the last few days.

Fun and Play on MLK Day

Started off pretty much flat this morning but we decided to paddle out because of the trippy clouds and fogbank offshore. It paid off. By 9 it was chest high and super fun. Hope you caught some! Looks like waves for the rest of the week!


Some fun waves today in South PBC. The potential was there with the offshore winds early this morning but not enough size. Still a fun day for the loggers and groms even after the winds came onshore.

Here’s a few shots from yesterday.