Day 1 Flying into Eastern Bahamian thunderstorms.


Day 1 Eastern Bahamas:

Today started out like any other day, except for a few things.  I woke to a throbbing neck from sleeping on my side trying to avoid contact of my jaw.  Why?  The day before I was fitted for new front teeth!  Serious.  So I essentially have fake dentures for the next week.  I lost most of both my front teeth playing hockey as a kid and have always had caps on them.  I am upgrading to crowns!  Soon after waking I pack for this trip trying to go over all the gear I may need to be shooting in and around the water, dealing with the heat while packing as little as possible.  Less is more!

My flight headed for the Marsh Harbor airport in the pouring rain with word being that is was bad weather ahead.  As we approached the captain alerted all of us (6) that we may have to turn back.  That would some what screw up my plans!  Luckily they decided to land in the poor conditions.  The plane dove almost 90 degrees to turn into the runway trying to avoid a large storm cell.  That was a record for me and had my panties all balled up.  Phewww!  We made it.  Not my most softest flight.

My friend Darren picked me up and we drove to the docks to take his boat back to their island in the rain.  As you can imagine day one started out inside catching up on other projects and socializing with my friends where I am staying and enjoying a nice home cooked meal from Amelia.  Talking about island things and gossip is mandatory.

The sun peaked in just before it set as I was on a bike ride exploring and got a few snaps.  Hopefully tomorrow mother nature behaves!

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