Day 2: Layday, calm before the storm


Morning check on the quads revealed smaller conditions but clean.

Day 2 starts with an early check at a local spot.  As we expected the conditions are, “the calm before the storm,”  meaning the ocean was between swells today.  As the storm is right out next to the Bahamas there is a lull from the old swell to the new.  So today is sorta my day off, but of course that doesn’t mean I am not shooting.  Just not shooting waves.

Cappy looking for dinner, and getting it.

Jellies were everywhere.


An often site, Nader napping.

We start the morning off with getting some more diving in to stock up on lobster for tonights dinner.  Then head south with the waverunners attached just in case the swell pulses and we need to get to the outer breaks.  We meet up with our good friend Skip with the latest opinion of the waves.  Deciding to paddle out at a little local spot near his house.  Its a long 3/4 mile paddle with a choice of a longer mellower right or a bit faster but shorter left.  It was just the 5 of us out there having a great time in the chest to head high waves.  Nader and I went over and traded off waves on the left which he named Naders peak.  After a nice 2 hour session we head in to Skips where he had some lunch ready for us and we talked stories  with his family.  After our wait out of the tide to go back low again we head back to the same spot to find it a little better but with an onshore breeze.  Cliff and Skip paddle out and the rest decide to take a nap in the shade instead and save their energy for the coming days.  I head down the beach to find some images to capture.

Beach exploring.

After about an hour the two paddle in and we all head back to the house.  We didn’t get back home until about 8:30 to start preparing the nights feast with fresh fish, lobster and salad.  A full stomach and we were all out!

Skipp and Cliff head in after a long paddle in.

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