Day 2: Swimming with the reptiles of the sea

Day 2 St. John

As the sun rose over the island of St Thomas I perched myself high above Ram’s head point on St. John to potentially get a great image, but it was cloudy!  This illustrated much of the trip so far.  Sun and then clouds constantly!  Being a photographer, I kinda needed sun.
Shortly after the sun rose I headed back to Concordia packed up my housing and headed to Hurricane Hole to shoot another spot I was told might be good.  The wind was on it early and the water here is very sensitive to it, clouding it up.  The edges of this tiny bay were lined with mangroves which provided some interesting sea life.  I didn’t see much exciting though.

Cristina had headed to morning yoga and we met back up at our studio to make a breakfast and pack up to begin our journey on the northside of the island slowly making it back to the ferry to get back to St. Thomas.

The North coast of St. John is lined with steep hills descending into the sea onto pearly sand beaches.  Not too bad a place to be.  We ended up at Maho Beach and explored with the camera in and out of the water, eventually finding Green Sea Turtles grazing on the grass beds.  I swam with them for about two hours, many being skittish but one juvenile was very interested in the camera and even came up to me, a rarity for these guys.  The water wasn’t as clear as I would have liked it to be but the surface was.

Next up was checking out the rest of the beaches, which by the time we were there were filled with tourists from the cruise ships. We didn’t stay at any of them but just explored.  Continuing the drive back the ferry were we back up onto it and gives ourselves a little rest for about 35 mins on the way back to St. Thomas.  Upon arrival we had to move quickly as we were returning our rental car in an hour and still had to get some food and drive across the island in rush our traffic.  We made it and then hoped on a local taxi/bus.  Not sure how to describe it, but they have these open air trucks with 3 rows of seats that you flag down and take around the island.  Kinda like a converted Ford F-250.  We taxied all the way back to the other side of the island were we would be staying at Sugar Bay Resort for the last 4 nights of our trip.  This part of the trip is my winning prize for my Snook Hunters image were three Snook are traveling below a pod of bait.  We checked into the resort and then headed for dinner to watch the tourists act like idiots.  Quality entertainment!


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