Day 2: Tube times

As we awake from our sauna room at 4 am it appears that both of us had little sleep.  Atleast there was a fan and it was quite.  Hitting the road with a full moon lighting the way in the dusty dirt roads we arrived at the break about 40 mins later to it pumping.  Matt was out there quick as I had to prep my housing  before I could swim.  We once again posted up at the house with the crew and had a front row seat to Colorados.  I swam for a few hours still recovering from a less than stellar sleep.  Matt and I linked up a few times.  The rip currents were once again the worst I have seen it out here.  I was constantly swimming trying to stay out or in.  Usually I don’t build up blisters until the end of the trip but I had already had one on my left and a broken toe nail on my right from the constant kicking.  It was worth it though.  We headed back in for breakfast and then right back out.  This time I shot with the 50mm from a bit further back while Matt had the bite mount Gopro in his mouth.  Another couple hour session in the barreling waves and I headed in to pass out for an hour on a lounge chair.  With a little sleep under my belt I decided to shoot from land for a bit and listen to the peanut gallery around me.  Our house was the hang out spot and there were all walks of life enlightning us.  To say the least it was an interesting twist to the trip.  As Vince would say the “buffoonary” started to erupt as we all hung out after each session.  Around 4 p.m. we all decided to head south to San Juan Del Sur (SJDS) where our friend had an amazing housing up on the hillside just behind the giant Jesus statue, just like Brazil.  On our way the local authorities decided it was time to mess with the gringos.  We go pulled over at a checkpoint while the other two trucks made it through.  After a bunch of harrassment we made it through without paying them anything.  They were claiming I passed someone in a no passing zone.  Funny thing is they were at a checkpoint and there is no way they would have known anything up the road.  Typical in Nica.  We made it to our friends house down south and then headed to dinner in town at an Italian restaurant.  Matt and I thought is was kinda odd to go there instead of eating local food but it was good.  We got ice cream afterwards and even had front row seats to a street fight and eventually made its way very near us.  Everyone walked away alive.  Back to the house we went in the convoy of trucks.  We were stoked to get a nice sleep in an air conditioned house!  Just as we went to bed (Matt and I slept on couches) the power went out….. all night!  Yes, another one of those sweat box nights.

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