Day 3: Exploring with the kids and cameras


Market seller

Day 3 began bright and early with the first group of kids going to the market at the town square to start off with a vibrant market photo session.  No shortage of Chicken feet or animal liver here!  The market provided a great place for the kids to explore with their cameras.  The people, colors and architecture provided a great canvas to teach their fresh minds.  After we returned to the orphanage we took another group out to a park and also explored a small section of shacks where the poverty was very high.

Another group shot with Pam (mom) on the end!

Another group shot with Pam (mom) on the end!

Documenting and seeing the results in these different conditions should give all the kids a variety of results at the end of the week!  They seemed to be all very intrigued by the dead dog on the side of the road.  What do you say to that?  Not the same challenges I face teaching to kids in the US!

The dry heat of over 95 degrees wears you out very quickly here and it made the photo sessions even more challenging to concentrate and continue to push the kids.  Returning back home we took a break and went for some lunch at a pretty nice place.  Most importantly was the air conditioning.  Sitting there to eat for one hour recharged us and Jake, Shane, Momo and I were ready for the next group to explore another section of town where we got to explore one of the former Orphange kids homes.



Joselin had been at Mission Mexico and got pregnant when she was 18.  She originally was sent up the Puerto Escondido to have the baby and get away from the area.  The father was not wanted in the situation and like many was nothing but trouble.  She eventually returned to Tapachula and Pam ( mom ) really wanted to help here to one day make something of herself.  Showing an example is one of the most important things in raising 45 kids at a time, so she had to be very aware not to show the kids that if they get pregnant they won’t just be supported by MM and that its not a good thing to do!  Currently Joselin rents a small room in a shack area of town with her little two year old and we were able to bring a small group of kids there to see and photograph her living situation.  Pam has given her a job at the orphanage to help her pay for school.  This is one of the many harsh situations that so many of the kids go through.  Joselin has been through so much, things you really don’t want to hear and most likely can’t even imagine.  Seeing her smile and still do her best to make something really inspires the rest of us.  This is just one of the many stories I have learned about while visiting and makes you really want to be involved in helping these kids.  I can’t thank Jake enough for providing me the opportunity to teach and inspire these kids and also create ways for them to raise money for them to go to school and create the life that they deserve!


Me and the girls, they had to have a pic.  I think Luce grabbed my camera camera for the shot


Delmar and Alex