Day 4: Mision Mexico Easter Beach Day

pre futbol match, everyone was in one 15 passenger van!

pre futbol match, everyone was in one 15 passenger van!


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A handful of the kids images!  Its amazing what can happen when you give a kid a little inspiration to go out and shoot!



Shane and the lady shredders

Shane and the lady shredders and mini grom!


Day 4 was Easter Sunday!  At Mision Mexico that means beach day!  In the morning the house was bustling with movement as everyone prepares for the beach.  Snacks and water were loaded along with tents, more surfboards than I could count and lots of happy smiling faces, atleast 50 of us including the volunteers were in three vans.  This part of the week, (which hasn’t been happening because one of the vans was broken down) is where the kids really get to experience the ocean and learn to surf.  Many have been surfing for years now and are charges on anything, no fear and others like Cesar, that just arrived at the orphanage might have his first experience with the ocean at 2!  Jake, Shane and I were stoked to have  some quality hang time with everyone at the beach!  We also still had to take a handful of kids out to shoot that hadn’t gotten to.  The waves were small but great for the kids to have fun in.  We pushed kids in on all types of boards while every wave was a party wave complete with carnage.  These are the moments where the kids are all at their happy place.  Its also a time where Pam can also somewhat let her guard down and relax, just a little.  Just imagine having 45 kids to look after….
After an awesome sesh at the beach we all headed back to the compound and the older kids got ready for the big afternoon futbol (soccer) match, traditional after beach day.  The rest help prepare the big dinner for later on.  Shane, Jake and I went to the soccer match and Shane was the only gringo to play as Jake and I were still whipped from the 5k the day before.  We also took another round of kids out for a photo session around the soccer field area.  Soccer is serious business in Mexico they all played until darkness.  It was a good time by all and when we were done, 2 full soccer teams and the 3 gringos all packed into 1 van and headed back where a feast of food was awaiting.  Props to all the cooks as it was by far the best meal we had during our time there.   After dinner I was super stoked to show the kids some of their images they had taken during the week.  We all gathered in the large chapel/viewing room and I went through a handful of about 70 images that the kids had created on the big screen tv.  I was super proud of all of them to be able to produce some truly awesome images.  I thanked them all for participating and most of all for letting us experience a bit of their life.  It was getting late by that time and we all had to say our good byes.  Our flight was leaving at dawn.  We will be taking back so many great memories and the awesome experience of teaching some bright minds the art of photography!  A handful of images will be printed and put up for auction to benefit Mision Mexico at Compound Boardshops fundraiser on April 20 from 6-10 p.m. in Sarasota, Florida.  You can also bid on some of my images taken from around the world in 2012 printed on large canvases.

Ben Hicks