Day 4: Sleeping Sharks

Day 4: Sleeping Sharks


began with an early rise to check the weather conditions and it was a go.  Today we would head south to explore some new areas and also some favorites of mine.  I was joined by rising water photographer Gabrielle who grew on the island and had a great deal of local knowledge that she has shared with me last years trip and now this years.  I head out a sunrise to pick her up and then fuel up the boat.

First stop was one of my favorite spots, that is home to a bed of Sea Fans.  Its in the middle of the Abaco Sea not easy to find unless “you know.”  We jumped in just as the sun rose and first thing Gabrielle spot were 4 large Nurse sharks sleeping on the bottom, in about 6ft of water.  I had never seen 4 and 4 that were all 6ft+.  We approached slowly but before you knew it they were off!  Good start!  We continued to shoot their until it was time to move south where we shot at a giant sand bar that had stingrays swimming throughout in 2-3ft of crystal clear water on white sand.  What a beautiful area to shoot.  After making friends with the rays and fighting a strong current we continued south to a lively reef call Sandy Cay.  The light was pretty high to be shooting but it was so full of life.  The feeling I get when I see all that life in one place from mother nature is hard to describe.  Eagle rays gliding along, a huge school of Jack’s, all kinds of things to see.  Nothing to write home about but, pretty rad.  We explored a few other spot but stayed in the boat, as I save my energy for the most potential.  Stopping for lunch on an island, we were greeted by a dog that joined us.

We continued north where I stopped in Lubbers Cay where my cousin wanted me to check on their cottages.  We then continued to the south of Elbow cay and explored a white sand beach surrounded by coconut palms.  I got a little too close to an upside down jellyfish and paid the price with my lip getting stung.  Playing with fire gets you burnt.

We continued broth looking for mangrove spots but didn’t see anything worthy.  It was about 3:30 and I was beat.  I dropped off Gabrielle on her island and head home to just “lay” down for a bit.  That turned into 2.5 hours and missed shooting the sunset hour in the water.   Oh well, my body needed it.  I woke back up and went back out to shoot during the full moon at night on land for a while until heading back in to call it a day at about 12am.  5am-12am, not bad!

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