Day 5: The crew swells and the swells continue

Day 5:  The crew swells and the swells continue

After squeezing all of us in our rental car half awake we drove south to Colorados at 5am and got a look at the waves at sunrise.  We were all pretty tired but the guys charged it.  I shot from land since conditions weren’t all time and got a few of everyone with my long lens.  They eventually came in and I worked on some edits while they ate breakfast.  Session number 2 started as soon as the tide dropped and it turned on for a bit.  I fought the currents for two hours before heading in after being completely spent.  We finally were able to move into our house we rented after waiting until 1pm.  I moved my stuff into one of the kids rooms and fell asleep for two hours.  Felt amazing!  The days have been soo busy for me on this trip with so much going on back home.  Getting a chance to take a nap is priceless.  I haven’t got up after 5 and gone to bed before 10:30 yet.

I was pretty excited to finally get my care package with gear I needed from my wife that was sent with Jasmin that included a pair of flip flops.  Up until now mine were pretty much a ball of duck tape.  Not too mention she included a secret note and chocolates!  What a great wife!

My nap was followed by a long swim out into the sea during sunset.  One of the hardest thing to shoot in waves as the sun dips and I constantly adjust my settings to the light and my flash.  Its amazing to swim into the night as the sun sets.  What a great feeling.  Back in the crib and back to editing.  Everyone else went out to dinner while I worked and then went to sleep.  Set my alarm for 430 am to shoot sunrise.  Problem is my phone is still on east coast time and we are two hours behind here in Nicaragua.  Thus making it 2:30 am.  Took me 30 mins to figure this out.  FML!

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