Day 7: Blisters, barrels and beers

Day 7:  Blisters, barrels and beers

The day begins with my usual sunrise session shooting waves.  Today I was joined by Doug and Woody as no one else usually gets up that early (lazy moos).  Matt eventually rolled out and Mackinley joined just hours after getting in on a red eye.  I shot fisheye until the sun was too high and then swam in to shoot with the 70-200 in my Aquatech Delphin housing with the Canon 1dx.  After the morning session I came in to get some more work done while the rest of the crew ventured around the area.  Nearly falling asleep at the computer I took a little nap.  A land crab on my chest provided by Matt woke me up.  In the heat of the day the wind has been coming slightly onshore/sideshore  sidelining the crew from surfing.  It has provided me time to catch up!  Evening session came before I knew it and I was back out to swim with the flash until pitch blackness.  Another day in the books with Mackinley getting the shot of the day, especially for his first time shooting in the water!  Dinner was pretty epic again as the beers flowed as well.  My blisters on my feet were pretty good by now with atleast 2 swim sessions a day!

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