Nicaragua Day 1: No Sleep….

Matt Oberman and I head to the airport late at night for our red eye.  After getting all my gear past the latest guidelines with carry on gear and a couple secrets with my Pacsafe bags carrying all my new gear we were through the gates.  Matt checked 5 boards with minimal $100 charge.  Our 12:15 flight got delayed three times until 3 a.m.  We slept on the floor until we were called on.  Once to Nicaragua we had to wait until 5 a.m. for the car rental car office to open.  First inline, we were on our way south to the peaking swell hitting Colorados.  I drove straight there 2.5 hours on hardly any sleep from getting up the previous day for a photoshoot at 5 a.m.  Its light about 5am so the barrels were already churning without us.  Made it in 2 hours to the beach and swam straight out to shoot for 3 hours fisheye in 6ft barrels.  Came in and noticed some friends of ours had rented the house on the beach right out front.  We posted up at their house all day, going back out for two more swim sessions, including a flash night session.  Thanks a ton to those guys for letting us base camp at their super nice house.  Matt and I were beat by the time we took off to get to our hotel about 30 mins away.  We rolled in and the air was broke in the room.  Not what we were planning on but had to make it work.  Before bed we had to find some food.  Went to a little local place and it took 1.5 hours to get our food.  Matt and I had both fallen asleep at the table.   We finally got our food and left promptly.  Drove back, went to bed by 10:30pm (12:30am EST) and set the alarm for 4 am.  Woke from the alarm at 4am from a light sleep in sweat and then woke Matt up.  Almost ready to leave I realized the phone clock had never changed to nica time.  So it was 2:15 am.  Not too pleased!

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