Nicaragua Day 2 – Jellies!

Good morning from Nicaragua.

Good morning from Nicaragua.

I am stoked to be naturally an early riser and become a photographer.  Getting out there early is key to finding really good light or getting skunked.  I alerted the crew that I was going out and no one got up.  Swimming out in the dark is always just a tad intimidating.  The wind was gone from yesterdays afternoon session and was all glassy.  Since I was out by myself I just focused on shooting empty waves.  Shooting full manual with a flash setup as the sunrises is a constant mission changing the settings.  Not long into the swim I started getting tagged by jellyfish.  Really bad.  I held out until it was too light to shoot flash and then had to swim in about 6am.   Went in to change the camera setup and get a top to hopefully keep from getting stung.  Shot with Chip and Matt for another couple hours.  It was time to go in and eat.  I knew I had to put my water time in the morning as the forecast called for onshore in the afternoon.  Jerry and Samer were watching the whole morning from the restaurant.  They kinda missed the best session for shooting so far but also avoided getting stung.

After eating an acai bowl for breakfast the boys head back out.  I shot from land and we really didn’t get much in the not so ideal conditions.  We all went back to the condo and borrowed the owners truck and headed to the local tiny market to stock up on food and try to avoid the American prices on meals.  The market (1 person shack) nearly had everything we wanted to make food the next few days.  It used to be driving almost 2.5 hours roundtrip to getting food in town but the area continues to grow from tourism.  I got a little nap in before working on my housing to try and get a malfunctioning trigger button to work.

The evening sesh was a little disappointing with the conditions not really improving.  I swam out anyway to try and salvage my time here until dark with the flash but didn’t really get anything.  Not very often can I say that down here.  Atleast there weren’t any more jellyfish!

Back at the crib, Matt and I made a big dinner for the crew in the kitchen, hopefully tomorrow mother nature will come through.

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